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Why Choose Kusumina Natural Perfumes?

Our founder is a distinguished university professor with PhD in Chemical Engineering from the prestigious Michigan State University. With over 20 years of research experience in cancer and Alzheimer’s disease drug discovery, he knows first-hand how dangerous synthetic chemicals can be for human health. Therefore, our mission at Kusumina Perfums is to offer natural perfumes that are luxuriously hand-crafted in small batches using high-quality, pure natural essences sourced from worldwide. We are proud of our signature creations that are free from hazardous ingredients like petrochemicals, synthetic fragrance oils, artificial dyes, or preservatives including stabilizers and other additives.

What is the difference betwen Kusumina EP!K and ENCANTO perfumes?

Our traditionally unique brand name ‘Kusumina’ is derived from an ancient Sanskrit word that literally means ‘flowered’. Accordingly, we created our luxuriously natural EP!K and ENCANTO perfumes that are plush with the world’s most expensive floral essences generously layered on a rich creamy base of precious Indian Sandalwood. To our best knowledge, our EP!K Pure Perfume is the first perfume that contains essence of over 1,000 majestic Rose Damask and 500 exotic Indian Jasmine flowers in one bottle. In contrast, our ENCANTO Pure Perfume contains essence of over 1,500 Indian Jasmine flowers and 200 Rose Damask blossoms. This high natural oil content makes these perfumes last for an insanely long time, creating a truly rejuvenating experience for your senses and those around you. Don’t be surprised if you experience the intoxicating scent lingering even as you get ready to retire in the evening!

How to apply EP!K natural perfumes?

Less is more! Kusumina EP!K creations truly epitomize luxury perfumes par excellence. Apply these natural gems directly to your pulse points exposed to air. Do not rub, rather let it naturally react with your bodily chemistry and evolve into a truly mesmerizing experience. You can also choose to apply sparingly to the tips of your hair, further helping you leave a distinctive intoxicating signature as your hair moves with the air. We do not recommend applying these perfumes directly over clothes to avoid any staining. However, you can use indirectly by first applying to palms or inner wrist for few seconds and then gently stroking the fabric, making sure to check with the non-visible places first.

How is Kusumina Perfums environmental-friendly?

Kusumina Perfums, being a pure natural perfume company, is highly sensitive and careful about the environment. Our finest natural ingredients are sustainably sourced, including rare Indian Sandalwood oil. Also, all our packing is made up of paper, chipboard and cotton, which are biodegradable. Thus, we have minimal impact on the environment, if any at all.

What is your return policy?

Please visit our 'Store Policy' section above for more details.

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