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About Kusumina Perfums

Our History & Philosophy

We are an artisan, 100% natural perfume business led by our distinguished founder who is a university professor, scientist and engineer. True to our traditional brand ‘Kusumina’, an ancient Sanskrit word meaning ‘flowered’, we use the finest essential oils counted among the most expensive in the world, including Damask Rose and Indian Jasmine oils. It takes us 4 tonnes of rose petals carefully hand-picked before dawn to extract only 1 pound of rose essential oil using our traditional steam distillation process. No wonder these oils cost considerably more than the pure gold on an equivalent weight basis. We generously layer these natural gems on a rich creamy base of Indian Sandalwood oil sourced sustainably. We feel privileged to present these luxurious natural creations that will continue to evolve and amaze you, leaving a distinctive intoxicating signature of your grand presence. Indulge yourself, you deserve it!

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